You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food”

Vada Pav

  • The stuffed potato filling in flour covering is the proud snack of the city. It is as famous as historic places in Mumbai, no visitor or tourist left to be touched by this and what else we can ask then to get the best places to try this in town. Here are top 3 places for the future visitor and foodies.

Pav Bhaji

  • Pav bhaji is a flavorsome meal with a blend of spices mixed with vegetable served along with buttery buns. It’s a common dinner for Mumbaikars here and when cooked on tawa the flavors just boost up so it is always handy to get it off the road side stalls of Mumbai. Let’s see which buttery pav bhaji’s have made their way to people’s heart.


  • When we talk about Chinese food we are merely speaking about the Chinese Indian version of fried rice or Hakka noodles or Chinese bhel and of course Manchurian. What holds all of them together and falls them under the category of Chinese food is some ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar, schezwan chutney and more. Chinese has become one of the most famous cuisine which Indians are loving. Let’s get to know where to find its best version.


  • A Persian dessert known as Faloode. Its was bought to india from Iran. Its like a Rose Milkshake with customize additions like dry fruits, sewaiya, kulfi, ice cream and more. Let’s get to know best places to get the energy in this summer heat.


  • According to dictionary , Dosa is “ South Indian pancake made with fine ground rice and lentils. It is sometimes stuffed with spiced vegetables and is usually eaten with chutney”. Dosa is mainly enjoyed by the Mumbaikars in morning time. Therefore it is not a shock that you will find South Indian food stall at every corner making fresh dosas right in front of your eyes. What makes one’s dosa outstanding is the crispness of it. Let us check the halts for most amazing crispy dosas in town.


  • As the dictionary defines, “a spicy north Indian snack made from pieces of raw fruit, boiled vegetables, etc. typically served from stalls or carts parked on the roadside”. No place has same taste or method of making it but it’s the food which tastes better on street moderate in fancy restaurant.


  • Tea is the taste of India, Its religiously taken at all intervals of the day No matter what the situation is or where you are Its just your lifestyle. Indian tea have their own varieties like ginger tea, garam masala tea, black tea, milk tea and all.


  • Kebabs are quite the favorite appetizer amongst the youth, millennial’s or basically anybody who has a longing for smoked meat in aromatic flavored spices.