Vada Pav

Kirti College Vada Pav

Address: Off Cadel Road, Kirti College Lane, Prabhadevi, Mumbai

This place exists as a Vada pav vendor stall for 3 decades now. The Vada pav is simply irresistible. The Vada is crispy & the real magic maker is the special chutney which provides the real flavor that everyone craves about. Also, they have butter Vada pav, equally famous.

Aaram Vada Pav

Address: Capitol Cinema Building, Opp. CST Station, Mumbai CST Area.

Mumbai Aaram vada pav is one of the oldest and famous Vada pav sellers in Mumbai. This Vada pav stand is established before independence and is visited by lakhs of Mumbaikars every day. Along with their must-have Vada pav, which happens to be some of the best in the city, they also have a garlic chutney which is not to be missed. As they serve a variety of Vada pavs including a grilled cheese vada pav and a mirchi vada pav both very famous among the crowd. The different Vada Pav servings and costing here are, for a single Vada (Rs.18/-), Vada Pav (Rs.20/-), Butter Vada pav (Rs.27/-) and Cheese Vada pav (Rs.32/-) . The place is also famous for other street chat and also desi drinks.

Parleshwar Vada Pav Samrat

Address:  Nehru Road, Parleshwar, Vile Parle East, Mumbai.

Samrat’s Vada mix has a dash of coconut in it. This gives the Vada the necessary mixture to the dish along with the fresh pavs. The costing of a simple Vada pav is Rs.15/- but you get a lot of variants here to taste out which are Amul Butter Vada Rs.20/-, Amul Cheese Vada pav Rs.30/-, Amul Double-cheese Vada pav Rs.40/-, Mayonnaise Vadapav Rs.25/-, Schezwan Vada pav Rs.20/-, Vada missal pav Rs.60/-, Vada usal pav Rs.50/-. It’s one of famous yet very reasonable.

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